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PureDNS operates fully transparent and this page is intended to share our metrics, like cost, traffic and uptime.

PureDNS' mission is to help build a better, safer and faster Internet for people. Initiated as a privacy-respecting DNS resolver because DNS is a critical part of all aspects of the Internet systems. Currently, our work is to advocate for secure DNS implementation in Indonesia.

Help us reach $1000/month or Rp14.000.000/month so we can continue this effort.

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We are currently at Rp -, still Rp - more to go to make PureDNS financially stable. Progress is shown in percentage (%).

1B+ Queries/month

  • DNS over HTTPS: 64%
  • DNS over TLS: 23%
  • DNS over QUIC: 2%
  • Plain DNS: 11%

1000GB+ Bandwidth/month

  • AWS: 63%
  • DOC: 37%

20+ Servers

  • Amazon Web Services
  • DigitalOcean

2 Locations

  • Indonesia
  • Singapore

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