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About PureDNS

What is PureDNS, how to use, its features, locations, privacy and security.

PureDNS is a free, fast, and privacy-respecting DNS (Domain Name System) service that offers support for DNS over HTTPS, TLS, QUIC, and Tor. It aims to provide a secure and efficient way to resolve domain names while protecting your online privacy. With PureDNS, you can enjoy a seamless browsing experience without compromising your personal information.


  • Privacy-Respecting: PureDNS is designed to prioritize user privacy. It does not log or track your DNS queries, ensuring that your browsing activity remains confidential.
  • Fast and Reliable: PureDNS is optimized for performance, providing speedy responses for domain name resolutions. It utilizes advanced technologies such as DNS over HTTPS, TLS, and QUIC to ensure efficient and reliable DNS resolution.
  • Secure Connections: By supporting DNS over HTTPS, TLS, QUIC, and Tor, PureDNS ensures that your DNS queries are encrypted and protected against eavesdropping and tampering.
  • Compatibility: PureDNS can be easily integrated into various devices and platforms, including computers, smartphones, and routers. It supports major operating systems and browsers, allowing for a seamless setup process.
  • Easy to Use: Using PureDNS is straightforward. You can configure your device or network settings to use the PureDNS servers, and it will handle DNS resolution automatically, providing a hassle-free experience.

How to Use

To learn how to use PureDNS, please visit our setup guide here.

On that page, you will find a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions on configuring PureDNS on your device or network settings. Follow the instructions provided to start enjoying fast and private DNS resolution while protecting your online privacy.


Once the configuration is complete, you can verify if PureDNS is working correctly. Open a web browser and visit DNS Test page to test your configuration.

Additional Considerations

PureDNS supports various encryption protocols, such as DNS over HTTPS, TLS, QUIC, and Tor. Depending on your preferences and device capabilities, you can choose the appropriate encryption method for your DNS queries.

It is recommended to periodically check for updates or changes to the PureDNS service to ensure you are using the latest features and improvements.

That's it! You have successfully set up and started using PureDNS. Enjoy fast and private DNS resolution for your online activities.


Currently, we have PoPs in Singapore and Indonesia. We are continually expanding our network and exploring opportunities to establish additional PoPs in various locations worldwide. Stay tuned for updates as we work towards enhancing our infrastructure to serve you better.

Security and Privacy

At PureDNS, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. We understand the importance of protecting your online activities and ensuring that your personal information remains confidential. In our commitment to safeguarding your privacy, we have implemented robust security measures and privacy-enhancing technologies.

To learn more about the security and privacy practices implemented by PureDNS, please visit our dedicated Privacy page. On this page, you will find information about the data we collect (or lack thereof), how we handle DNS queries, and our commitment to transparency and user rights.

Rest assured that when you use PureDNS, your DNS queries are encrypted and secured using advanced protocols such as DNS over HTTPS, TLS, QUIC, and Tor. We do not log or track your DNS queries, ensuring that your browsing activity remains private and protected.

Visit our Privacy page for more details on how PureDNS safeguards your security and privacy while providing a fast and reliable DNS service.